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JAK McMillan 

Sealcoating offers you the highest quality service that we feel is indicative of our family-owned and operated values. Included in the cost of our service are the following steps that guarantee you the customer service and satisfaction that you deserve.

JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC Services


1. Power-Edging- First, the perimeter of your driveway will be edged with a power edger in order to expose as much of the driveway surface as possible. The outer edge of your asphalt is most prone to damage from the elements and JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC assures you that all of these edges will be covered. 


2. Power and Hand Cleaning - Next, your asphalt will be blown clean using a power blower. This will remove the mess made from edging and clean any small pebbles from your driveway surface. A coarse street broom will be used to remove any dirt or silt build-up that exists on the asphalt.  Power washing is also available for a small additional fee.  The entire driveway or just sections that are extra muddy will be washed thoroughly.

3. Treatment of Oil Spots and Other Stains - Due to the porous nature of asphalt, oil spots and other stains cannot be fully removed from the surface of your driveway. However, JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC will treat all oil spots and other stains with petroseal in order to seal these spots in. The petroseal will stop the spread of the corrosive elements and allow for proper adhesion of the sealer to these areas.

4. Crack Filling- Finally, before sealing, all cracks will be inspected and filled. Depending on the size and depth of the crack, we offer 3 different types of crack filler:  Liquid, Trowel-Grade (extra thick & sandy), and/or Hot Tar.

5. Patchwork - We also offer Hot & Cold Patches, cold patch is best used along walls and small holes that will not be exposed to traffic. Our hot patch service generally includes using a chop saw to cut out & remove the damaged asphalt, power tamping hot asphalt in, hot tar sealing the edges. 

6. Sealing of the Driveway- Your asphalt will be sealed by our two man crews using the latest techniques in manual application or spraying as appropriate.  In this manner, we work the sealer into the asphalt to ensure maximum penetration.  Depending on your specific requirements, we offer the highest quality Seal Master products appropriate for the specific project.  We try to use the most enviromentally friendly products at all times

7. Blockading of the Driveway - JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC will rope off your driveway using blockade tape. Your driveway will be ready to drive on after 24-36 hours. If we have not made it back to pick up the blockade feel free to take it down yourself. Your driveway is ready to go!  We would greatly appreciate it if you would save our sign.  We will recycle & use them again.

8. Yearly Notice - In order to show that JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC cares about our customers and their investments, we will keep track of your driveways information so that you don't have to be burdened. Every year, JAK McMillan Sealcoating, LLC will send you a notice explaining how to identify if your driveway has weathered the winter. The notice will also educate you as to how to tell when your driveway needs to be sealed again. We recognize that there is no need to spend money if you don't have to and, unlike some other companies, we do not demand your driveway be sealed for the sake of lining our own pockets.